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ART: STUDIO MATTEO BOETTI – New European Contemporary Art

Jul 4th, 2012 | By | Category: Art & Culture

Matteo Boetti was born in Turin 15 July 1969.   Since late 2008 he moved from Rome to his estate in Todi. Owner of Studio Matteo Boetti, a progect managing studio that creates events and exhibitions of the new European contemporary art scene, Matteo Boetti relocated to Todi also his activity as artistic manager by organizing first the exhibition of Kristine Alksne, and in 2009 of personal significance, Donato Piccolo in “Casa Romana” as part of the Spoleto Festival of Two Worlds.

Matteo Boetti decided to turn his residence into a place of encounter between art and nature, following the passions of which he has always lived. Here he organizes dinners and events related to the art world and beyond, equestrian trekking, and runs a horse farm and produces olive oil.    Son of  one of the most important and influential Italian artists of the twentieth century,Alighiero Boetti, who was a key member of the Arte Povera group of young Italian artists in the late 1960s which was working in radically new ways using simple materials.    His embroidered “world maps”   depict each country with its national flag.   Matteo Boetti’s mother and art curator  is Anne Marie Sauzeau,  Matteo Boetti has crossed through the art world starting from the bottom, as an assistant in the Gallery Anna D’Ascanio in Rome and inaugurating his first exhibition, Autori Messa, in 1993.

In 1999 he made the documentary film “Operazione super lusso”. Purchased from TV. sat. CNI (Stream), is presented at the Galleria d’Arte Moderna in Turin, the Palazzo delle Papesse of Siena and the Castle Masnago in Varese, along with limited edition lithographs of the same cd: 50 covers and backs made by 50 artists (including Accardi, Arienti, Cannavacciuolo, Cingolani, Cucchi, Mondino, Alders, Paladino, Pancrazzi, Salvo, Nunzio).

In 2002 Matteo Boetti opens Autori Cambi, that in a play on words and philosophy resumes and continues the story of Autori Messa, and continues his work of consolidating the young artists which he represents.

With the Studio Boetti he gives a further turn to his work in the arts and offers his professional expertise to public and private stakeholders with which he organizes events in spaces not always handled by him directly, but always according to his professional philosophy. With this in mind he deals as artistic director of two editions of Kals’art di Palermo and shared space with Adele-C Studio in Rome with Adele Cassina, which sealed his farewell to the capital with a series of important exhibitions the last of which bears his professional testament. The last exhibition was enriched by the combination of three masters  and three young artists Enzo Cucchi, Maurice and Louis Macbeth Alders in interaction with Mark Pope, Donato Piccolo and Gioacchino Pontrelli.

Above you will find a gallery of collective art work from Studio Matteo Boetti  from  the various contemporary artists across Europe. Please contact me directly for any further information on any of the art  works.




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