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Italy Arts Guide Exhibits from 20 November

Nov 22nd, 2009 | By | Category: Art & Culture

ANSA) – Rome, November 20 – The following is a city-by-city guide to some of Italy’s art exhibitions: BRESCIA – Museo di Santa Giulia: Inca, Origins and Mysteries of the Civilisation of Gold; 250 artefacts, December 4-June 27.

CATANIA – Palazzo Valle: Alberto Burri and Lucio Fontana; until March 14.

FERRARA – Palazzo dei Diamanti: Boldini In The Paris Of The Impressionists; show on Ferrara-born artist’s ‘beau monde’ portraiture years from 1871 to 1886; until January 10.

MAMIANO DI TRAVERSETOLO (PARMA) – Fondazione Magnani Rocca: Futurism, From Boccioni To Aeropittura: 100 paintings from 1920s and ’30s as well as sculpture, Futurist books, clothes and advertising; until December 8.

MILAN – Palazzo Reale: Edward Hopper, 160 works; until January 24.

– Pinacoteca di Brera: Carlo Crivelli, San Domenico Triptych, works from Marche and loans from major world museums; until February 15.

– Triennale: Frank Gehry, projects since Guggenheim in Bilbao (1997); until January 10.

– same venue: Sandro Chia; until January 15.

MONTECATINI TERME – Polo Espositivo Terme Tamerici: 19th century masters including Fattori, Lega, Signorini and Banti; until January 19.

NAPLES – six city museums: The Return of the Baroque, 350 works and 27 tours; December 12-April 11.

PADUA – Museo degli Eremitani: Caravaggio, Lotto, Ribera, 50 works from the collection of art historian Roberto Longhi; until March 28. – Palazzo Zabarella: Telemaco Signorini, show comparing ‘macchiaioli’ master with contemporaries like Degas, Van Gogh and Courbet; until January 31.

– Palazzo della Ragione: installation by Zaha Hadid; until March 1.

PASSARIANO – Villa Manin: The Age of Courbet and Monet; 134 works, until March 7.

PAVIA – Castello Visconteo: From Velasquez to Murillo, 50 masterpieces from the Hermitage; until January 17.

PIACENZA – Fondazione Ricci Oddi: 19th-Century Tuscan Painting, macchiaioli and beyond, 40 works; until May 2.

PISA – Palazzo Blu: Chagall And The Mediterranean; some 170 works; until January 17.

RIMINI – Castel Sismondo: From Rembrandt to Gauguin and Picasso; 65 masterpieces from Boston Museum of Fine Arts; until March 14.

ROME – Vittoriano: Africa, A New History; 80 works by 30 contemporary artists from 20 countries; until January 17.

– same venue: Dada and Surrealism: 500 works from world museums including Man Ray, Duchamp, Picabia, Wood, Moreau, Munch, Miro’, Arp, De Chirico and Picasso; until February 7.

– Chiostro del Diamante: Boldini, De Nittis, Zandomenighi, other Italian painters in Paris; until March 14.

– Palazzo Incontro: Galileo show marking 400th anniversary of his first observations of the night sky; until January 6.

– Palazzo delle Esposizioni: Alexander Calder; until February 14.

– Palazzo del Quirinale: Jordan, Crossroads of People and Cultures; until January 31.

– Galleria Borghese: Caravaggio-Bacon: ten works by Italian master compared to 20 by British painter; marks 400 years since Caravaggio’s death; until January 24.

– Scuderie del Quirinale: Painting in Ancient Rome, The Colours of Empire; landscapes, still lifes, stage decor, street painting, portraits and mythological subjects from 1st century AD to late antiquity; until January 17.

– Colosseum: ‘Divus Vespasanius’, celebration of Emperor Vespasian, general who took throne from Nero in 69 AD and transformed Rome, founding Flavian dynasty who built Colosseum; until January 10.

– Capitoline Museums: Michelangelo’s architectural works in Rome, 140 sketches, models and contemporary documents; until February 21.

– AuditoriumArte: Renato Mambor; until December 1.

TREVISO – Casa dei Carraresi: The Secrets of the Forbidden City, Matteo Ricci at the Ming Court; until May 9.

VERONA – Palazzo della Gran Guardia: Corot and Modern Art, Souvenirs and Impressions; 100 works in collaboration with Louvre; November 27-March 7.

VIGEVANO – Castello Visconteo: Leonardo da Vinci’s output during his time in Lombardy; ‘virtual codex’ on flying, botany, mathematics, weaponry, astronomy, engineering and architecture; until April 5.

photo: one of works at Africa show at Rome’s Vittoriano

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