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ROME Celebrates its 2764th Birthday on 21 April

Apr 22nd, 2011 | By | Category: Italian News

Every year on April 21 Rome celebrates its birthday, remembering the day when Romulus founded the city in the year 753 BC. The exact date is based on the calculation made Lucius Taruntius, astrologist of the 1st Century BC.

To celebrate this year 2764th birthday of the Eternal City there will be a week of festivities starting Saturday 16 April. Following is the complete schedule of the events:

Saturday 16 april 2011

19.00: Openig Event at Circus Maximus

Sunday 17 april 2011

11.00: The Great Parade of gladiators, senators, vestals and priestesses along Via dei Fori Imperiali

14.30: Battle and exhibition at Circus Maximus

Thursday 21 april 2011

16.00: Commemoration of the Foundation of Rome with the performance The Trench Digging (Il Tracciato del solco) at Circus Maximus

18.00: Ritual ceremony of Palilia, an ancient agricultural festivity, officiated by the six Vestals near the Temple of Vesta located close to the Mouth of Truth

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