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CAPRI: Enchanting Lysis Villa

Aug 3rd, 2009 | By | Category: Property of the Month


Lysis is the name of the exquisite villa which clings to the cliff of Tiberio, that Baron Jacques d’Alesward Von Fersen, descendant of the famous Swedish Count, who was, according to the legend, Maria Antonietta’s lover, built at the beginning of the 20th Century on the beautiful  island of Capri.


The Fersen family, owner of an important swedish steel factory, probably the most famous in the world, moved to Longwy, in the Lorrain region, taking the french nationality after that the count Hans, suspected wrongfully to be responsible of the death of the swedish crown prince, Gustav III, was dilapidated by the angry crowd.

Forced to leave Paris by the scandal that involved his own private life, Fersen came to Capri, where in 1905 he built this fantastic villa on top of a cliff, dedicating it to its “Jeunesse d’amour” as it is written in te external walls “L’AN MCMV / CETTE VILLA FÛT CONSTRUITE / PAR JACQUES / CTE ADELSWARD FERSEN / ET DÈDIÉE / À LA JEUNESSE D’AMOUR” 

The villa has been finished  absolutely the way that Fersen wanted it: a mix between a greek temple and the liberty style. The name was changed into Lysis, from the name of Liside, a young Socrate’s disciple and the villa embellished with marble and bronze statues of the greek divinities, carpets, silks and oriental pillows. This Villa became shortly the meeting point of the European elite and was chosen to organise parties and events.

He planted various types of gardenias, azaleas, narcissus, hydrangeas and roses. He didn’t like bouganvilles because too commons. He wanted to amaze the world by showing his hostility towards the world. He wanted his house being special and different from the others.

450 sqm                  7 bedrooms / 7 bathrooms         1.2 hectares of land

The villa opens on the ground floor with a pronaos based on four coloumns and anticipated by a large staircase. After the pronaos we reach the entrance. on the right hand side there is a staircase leading to first floor. On the opposite side there was a veranda that has been eliminated in the latest renovation. on the left of the vestibule we enter the wide living area with colums and covered with vaults.
The brightness of the living room emphasises the splendour of this villa, which has both coloumns and walls painted white.
From the entrance staircase we reach a small balcony that opens into a vestibule and gives access to the villa’s private area. A corridor separates the rooms. The villa’s design has been chosen very carefully.

The other part of the villa is the lower ground floor with staff rooms, a second room for guests, the opium den called “the chinese room”. This last room is very big and includes two coloumns that supports a lintel which delimitates an illuminated patio with round windows. The room has many particular features: low ceiling, golden chinese writings on the walls and the cliffs on which the villa has been constructed. In the villa elements of the modern european architecture mix together with elemenys of the classic architecture.

The house, comprises 7 bedrooms with en suite bathroom. The master bedroom also has a studio and a terrace with sea view.

The property is completed by a garden of 12000 square metres, offering a superb view on the beautiful cliffs of Capri.

Condition: Habitable.

Price:  7 million euros

for further information, please view http://www.livinginitaly.co.uk

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Features: Old construction, arches, columns, old fireplace, painted ceilings, marble flooring, bathrooms and staircase.

Nearest Towns: Sorrento (16km; 42’); Napoli (34km;1h 1’); Amalfi (49km; 1h 21’); Caserta (70km; 1 h 40’); Procida (73km; 1h 50’); Roma (261km; 3h 25’).


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