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Mar 26th, 2010 | By | Category: Property of the Month


IMAGINE…a place where you can have it all n beautiful Cortona, Tuscany. We introduce a new and unique, very special  investment opportunity.

IMAGINE……a place where you can experience 18th century ITALY and immerse yourself in Italy’s finest architecture, art and cuisine

IMAGINE….a place where YOU CAN DO IT ALL – at Italian Residence Clubs we like to say “Life well lived is well spent”


To further whet your appetite, we are offering a fantastic opportunity, at a reduced special offer price,  to come and stay for 5 nights at our wonderful 18th century 4 star Relais, Villa Petrischio, stay at our beautiful properties; tour the vineyard and indulge in some wine tasting and enjoy a personal cooking lesson from our chef!.  All this for a total cost for 5 nights of $465.00 or €350.00 and £315.00    An offer difficult to refuse/   Our special offer inspection visits are available from early April throughout summer.  It has never been a better time to experience all the wonderful benefits that our villa owners enjoy year after year.


Please contact me directly for further information on Villa Petrischio fractional ownership and our incredible offer inspection visits – june.clayton@livinginitaly.co.uk

We are EXCITED to offer a lifestyle that only many dream of in this enchanting 18th century villa in lovely Tuscany. The following are prices for 1/10 fractional ownership (21 days): with 14 days floating, giving a staggering 5 weeks at your TUSCAN VILLA in Cortona.

1 bedroom “Merlino” approx. 925 sq ft (fully furnished) 63.000 euros per 1/6th share including VAT, land registry taxes and closing costs

2 bedroom “Artu” approx. 1350 sq ft (fully furnished) 85,000 Euros per 1/6th share including
VAT, land registry taxes and closing costs

While you are considering ownership at Villa Petrischio please consider the incentives we are proposing:

1) 10% off the list price for a multiple share purchase
2) Free enrollment to “The Registry Collection” Luxury Fine Assets
3) Developer Financing for qualified purchasers



Fractional ownership offers an easy, affordable way to OWN your very own beautiful TUSCAN VILLA holiday home, completely furnished to a luxury level, at a fraction of the cost. yet receive all the benefits and lifestyle many dream of.  Interested? You would own Tuscany real estate yet greatly reduce the cost of being solely responsible for the property and its expenses.
It is well worth taking into consideration that when you purchase a holiday home outright, its upkeep and maintenance services, possible renting out are not only a concern but a substantial additional cost especialy if you take on board a management company.  Worry over security, garden maintenance and the additional cost of utilities, taxes and insurance from afar is a complete burden.  Don’t worry, this is all eliminated and taken care of for YOU in our fractional share ownership in Cortona and is completely hassle free and leaves you, the owner, to simply enjoy their Tuscan Villa  holidays and all the fantastic amenities that are on hand….golf resort, beauty and wellness, pools, vineyard ownership and SIMPLY the way holidays should be.

Shared ownership and its deed will also entitle shareholders to certain usage rights, usually in the form of weeks. A very important difference between timeshare and fractional ownership is that the purchaser owns part of the title as opposed to buying only “units of time”.  Furthermore, this enables the owner’s family to inherit their Tuscan Villa share.   Also, advantageously, with fractional ownership, a buyer has the same benefits as in whole ownership, in other words, if  the property increases in value, then obviusly so do the shares!.

What could be more perfectyou could be thinking of buying an expensive property that you might only be able to live in during a limited time.   What could be better than buying a share of it and share in the cost and expense of maintenance and taxes with the other shareholders!  It is even possible to buy further fractions with friends, colleagues or family members.  Giving YOU ALL, even more time at your beautiful TUSCAN VILLA.

I hope to hear from you soon!

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  1. When is the Manzano resort scheduled be open to owners, I was in the area recently visiting Borgo di Vagli Fractional Club and the building and golf course hadn’t even been started!!! Better buy at a completed resort with history and great facilities.

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